Pictures and final proceedings

The final proceedings with the last-minute additions and corrections are available for download from here

A zipped file with some pictures of the sessions (shown below) can be downloaded from here

A zipped file with some pictures of the race (shown further below) can be downloaded from here

Next and before the two sets of pictures you will also find the official times of the 1st geoENV 5K race. Please help me filling in the names I cannot remember. And start warming up for the 2nd one in Paris!


Thank you

The geoENV2012 participants

Thanks to all participants from the organizing committee.

Keep an eye on the webpage, we’ll soon upload the pictures from the conference, the race, the trophy ceremony, and the final version of the digital proceedings with the final additions and corrections.

5K track

From Calatrava bridge to Calatrava bridge. Starting from the harp looking bridge to the comb looking one, and back. Start and finish lines about 500 m to the left of the bridge in front of the Barcelo hotel.


How to get to the Blue Cube

The campus of the Universitat Politècnica de València spans 1300 m by 400 m east of the Valencia access from the Barcelona highway. The conference will take place in the conference hall of the Blue Cube of the CPI, which is at the south east corner of campus, next to the crossing of Avenida de los Naranjos and Calle del Ingeniero Fausto Elio. The CPI building has more than 20 entries, and it is impossible to post signs pointing to geoENV2012. The Blue Cube appears, in the University maps, as building 8B, once there you can either go to the basement and look for access N and take the elevator to the 3rd floor, or go up, take the transparent lift to the 3rd floor, exit to your right and walk to the last cube.The CPI is a very prominent building that looks like a big brown shoe box (without windows) with cubes of different colors on top.


Auditorio – Edificio Cubo Azul
Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación (CPI)
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)
Cº de Vera, S/Nº – Building 8B (Southeast corner of UPV)
46022 (Valencia – Spain)

Plano cuvo azul (CPI)

Download map in pdf format.
See interactive UPV map.
See GoogleMaps.

How to get there


Latitude: 39º 28′ 43,896″ N
Longitud: 0º 19′ 58,872″ W
Latitude: 39,47886º N
Longitud: 0,33302º W

By train

Cabanyal station  From Castellon or from the Valencia Nord Station, take line C-6 València Nord – Castelló

Railway website.

By metro and tram

From the airport and from the Valencia Nord Train Station

  • Line 3 (RED) towards Rafelbunyol. Exchange in  Benimaclet stop for tram line 4 towards Doctor Lluch or towards Marítim-Serreria. Climb down in Serreria.
  • Line 5 (GREEN) towards Marítim-Serrería, then continue with tram line 6 towards Tossal del Rei. Climb down in Serreria.

Trams with stop at UPV 

Line 4

  • Doctor Lluch – Mas del Rosari.
  • Doctor Lluch – Vicent Andrés Estellés.
  • Doctor Lluch – Feria Valencia, only in service when there is a fair.

Line 6

  • Tossal del Rei – Tarongers.
  • Tossal del Rei – Marítim-Serrería

MetroValencia website

By city bus

Buses that stop at the UPV

  • Line 1. Estació Autobusos – La Malva-rosa.
  • Line 9. La Torre – Universitats.
  • Line 18. Malilla – Universitats.
  • Line 29. Mislata – Universitats.
  • Line 30. Natzaret – Hospital Clínic.
  • Line 40. Universitats – Estació del Nord (RENFE).
  • Line 41. Universitats – Plaça d’Espanya.
  • Line 71. La Llum – Universitats.

Bus website.

By car

Check it out on Google Maps

By taxi

  • Radio Taxi 963 70 33 33
  • Tele Taxi 963 57 13 13
  • Valencia Taxi 963 74 02 02
  • Auto Taxi 963 70 36 00
  • Onda Taxi 963 47 52 52

First geoENV 5K race

2011 Valencia Marathon Starting Line - Look for Jaime waving his hand at you

What is the “First geoENV 5K race” mentioned in the registration form?

We will not reach the 5000 participants nor we will run for 42 kilometers, but, as part of the social program, there will be a 5000-meter race on the old Turia river bed for those of you who accept the challenge. We will run with our geoENV T-shirts and will enjoy the nice park along the old Turia river. Walkers are also welcome.

Soon, we will publish the path of the race. Dust off your running shoes, and start training!

Special issues (in plural)


Valencia Museum of Science

For this edition of geoENV we have already reached agreements with two journals to publish special issues with papers from the conference. On one hand, the well established and impact factor rising Mathematical Geosciences, and on the other hand, the newly created Spatial Statistics. In both cases, all manuscripts will undergo the standard peer-review process.

The members of the scientific committee present at the conference will decide which papers are considered for submission and will choose the journal according to the scope of each manuscript.

Registration opens

geoENV2012 will take place in the Blue Cube of the UPV Science Park

Registration is open. Register at a reduced price before May 1st. Remember that at least one of the presenters of each paper must register before May 1st in order for their contribution to be included in the final program. Remember also that May 1st is the deadline to submit your extended abstract or paper.

In order to ensure that the remote attendants via internet enjoy good streaming of the conference, the number of webcast-only registrations will be limited to 100. Hurry up if you wish to listen to our keynote speakers, or any of the presentations given in the plenary session and in one of the parallel sessions. For your information, the list of accepted abstracts can be consulted here.

geoENV2012 will be webcast!

Main conference hall: The Blue Cube

Thanks to the modern facilities available in the conference venue, all sessions taking place in the conference hall of the Blue Cube will be webcast. These include keynote speeches, plenary presentations and the presentations from one of the parallel sessions.

If you cannot attend the conference but you wish to follow it, live, you can register for Webcast Only in the registration desk. A unique link will be mailed to you when the date of the conference gets closer, for you to watch and listen.


Extended abstract submission

Please use the following form to submit your extended abstract. You must select first the number of authors signing the paper (maximum of 6) and then the number of institutions which these authors are affiliated to (maximum of 6). Next, enter the institutions, which will be numbered from 1 to 6, and then enter the author names together with the ordinal number of the institution which they belong to. Finally enter the abstract, it should be plain text, with no symbols, figures or equations and a maximum length of 4000 characters (about two A4 pages).

This information will be indexed and printed in the book of abstracts.

If you wish to provide a lengthier abstract, or a full paper, with symbols, figures and equations, you can attach such a file as a pdf file, which must be formatted using the Word template that can be downloaded from the following link, or the LaTeX template that can be downloaded from here. These papers will not be subject to peer-review and will be distributed on a digital support.

After the conference some authors, chosen by the members of the scientific committee present at the conference, will be requested to submit a manuscript for consideration of publication in two special issues, one for Mathematical Geosciences, and one for Spatial Statistics.

When uploading the paper give it the name “YourLastName.pdf”.

Example input for an abstract with three authors from two institutions.

The abstract for the example input will look like this.

[gravityform id=3 name=Extendedabstract submission title=false description=false]

Notification of abstract evaluation

Silk Exchange - Unique gothic civil building in Europe

Thanks to our very active and timely scientific committee, all abstracts have been reviewed by at least four of its members. This has allowed us to make a reliable classification of the abstracts according to their quality and the decisions on the abstract acceptance have been mailed to the authors.

If you have not received notification regarding your abstract, please contact the organizing committee.

Abstract evaluation under way

Music Hall

We have received close to 120 abstracts covering all topics of the conference and coming from all over the world: Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States of America.

The abstracts have been distributed to the members of our scientific committee. Acceptance decisions are expected to be mailed out on March 14th.

To these abstracts we have to add the contributions by our invited speakers.

It is going to be a promising conference. Mark your agendas!

14 years later

Some of you may recall that the 2nd Conference on Geostatistics Applied to Environmental Applications took place in Valencia on 1998. At that time, internet navigation was exotic, and so were Powerpoint presentations, geoENV was still being called _European Conference_, and cellular phones had to be backpack-carried.

Fourteen years later, **on September 19-21, 2012**, geoENV returns to Valencia as a well established conference. We hope that many of you, who visited Valencia then, will come back, and that those of you who did not will take the opportunity to attend this ninth edition.

You will have the chance to visit one of the cities that has changed most in the last 14 years, _if you do not believe it just check the video below_: